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    I’m in the middle of a retro-gaming season. My Super Nintendo, Megadrive and Game boy are on fire.

    And among those, I rediscovered “Secret of Mana”, which is not only a really fun game, but it also has some illustrations that are somewhere between the commercial and artistisc, that I really like.

    It’s from the same era as Yoshitaka Amano’s work for “Final Fantasy” or Akira Toriyama’s for “Dragon Quest”.

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    "Secret of mana 3"

  4. chezniimura:

    "Secret of mana 4"

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    An illustration for the comic magazine “Z”. 

    I find it really exciting to go against the obvious limitations of comics and illustrations (movement, sounds…), and so this illustration is all about speed!

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    Me too guys, me too.

    at the function

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    ナカレコ2号店 on Twitter: “珍カセTIMES、その2。鉄カセなんかも。「ブルートレーン ❝さくら❞のすべて~東京16:30→長崎11:36」!発車ベルから到着まで、寝台列車の魅力を余すことなく伝える(((完全実況録音盤)))○o。.( ˘ω˘)スヤァ http://t.co/MRLoTxnvdu”

    (@nakareco2) 珍カセTIMES、その2。鉄カセなんかも。「ブルートレーン ❝さくら❞のすべて~東京16:30→長崎11:36」!発車ベルから到着まで、寝台列車の魅力を余すことなく伝える(((完全実況録音盤)))○o。.( ˘ω˘)スヤァ

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    Minako Yoshida / MONSTER IN TOWN (1981)

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    feelin’ kinda…funky

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